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How to market your app

After launching an app, we expect an increasing number of downloads. However, this will not happen without the proper promotion. Find here some tips on how to market your app.

User attraction

How to market your app: After trying various methods, we present the ones that in our opinion are the most effective ways to attract users. As a preamble, let’s see how users learn about new apps.

In 2016, Google asked around 1000 US smartphone users how they do find, use and maintain interaction with apps and most users answered that they find about new apps from friends or family (51%), searching app stores (48%), recommendations in those stores (34%) and in ads in apps (33%).

Therefore, it is a good idea if you want to increase downloads to make your app easy to find on the app stores and invest in advertising. Here a quick list of steps to develop a promotional strategy:

App store optimization

The goal of optimization is to allow the user to find, click and download your app through the different app stores. Its focal point is keyword and conversion rate improvements.

The key pieces that influence the position of the app in the search results are the number of downloads, the rating of the app (user’s opinion), and a good amount of comments about the app.

To optimize the performance of your app within the app store, follow these rules:

Give it a creative and descriptive name

Do you want users to remember the name of your app and whilst they quickly discover what your app is about? This can be done with just the title of your app.

For example, if you have a vague name for your app, such as “Memrise,” you can add a brief description of the app, such as “Languages learning” to the title.

If there were only “Memrise” in the title, it would be too general, and users would not have a clue of what the app is about. Write a compelling description and define well what your app does.

Place the most important functions at the beginning of your app’s description so that users click on the “read more” button.

Descriptive keywords.

There are also keyword sections that you must complete in the app store. Think about which are the words that customers will type in and search for on your app.

Earn positive reviews

The comments’ number and the rating influence the positioning of the app in the search results.

The app store shows users the apps that they will be more likely to download. As reviews significantly influence the decision of the buyer, the more positive comments the better.

Choose an attractive icon design

An attractive and original icon helps in the number of clicks we get. Usually, the icon is the only thing that users see when they browse an app store.

After installing the app, the icon appears in the menu of their phones and reminds them of the existence of our brand. Your icon should reveal the purpose of the app and, at the same time, keep users interested.

Add screenshots and videos of the app features

As with the icon design, including screenshots and videos showing the most interesting features of your app will help influence your number of downloads. This helps the user to visualize what their experience will be like.

App screenshots

Choose the category wisely

In the iOS app store, you can add primary and secondary categories (choose between “Books”, “Entertainment”, “Business”, “Education”, “Photo and video”, “Productivity”, “Lifestyle” and +).

In the Play Store, you can choose a category and a subcategory (for the “Games” and “Family” categories). If you are dubious between two categories, it is better to choose the one with less competition.

Include other languages.

This depends on the app, but do not pay dust to the most spoken languages ​​besides English, as there are millions of potential customers who may not download your app because they do not speak English.

Promote your app on your website

If you have a corporate website, is recommended to create a separate page for your app and a banner that leads to the page in the foot or in the side area.

It is important to prevent the site or page from being too long or complex; Its objective is to take the user to the app store. Do not forget to add a download link on your mobile website, as your visitors are the focal point of your app.

A good example of a website dedicated exclusively to an app is the Clash of Clans app website. The company built a complete website for the app with a clear call to action to download and play the app.

The Clash of Clans website also has a blog, a page with the terms, a question and answer section and a store. These additional features let users learn more about the app and answer their questions.

Marketing campaigns via e-mail

If you already have a good number of users that know and trust your company, email marketing could help influence them to download your app.

Use social networks

Internet users spend about a third of their time on social media. Most access to the social networks using their smartphones, this means that it will be easier for them to download an app that catches their attention if the same appears in their news feed. Keep in mind that the social media platforms you choose should be on concordance with your target audience.

The platforms with more users are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest among others, all with different kinds of users. If your app’s target is millennials, you would like to use Instagram and Snapchat; If you have a business-to-business app, promote your app on LinkedIn and Twitter, where other companies can be found.

Social media marketing (SMM)

When talking about social networks, consider free and paid methods

It’s free to advertise and post on your own social media accounts. Post interesting content, post to relevant groups and invite friends and family to like and share your product.

It is recommended that the majority of the content to be visual (videos and images) because that is what attracts users the most.

Paid methods.

You can also have a bigger quantity of downloads through advertising on social media. Ads on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are also effective, as they allow you to set out your audience.

Create ads in the app and online

About 33% of users discover new apps while using other apps, this means that advertising in the app is even more effective than search engine ads.

To save money, it is a good idea to negotiate with other app owners and cross-advertise to promote apps free for each other.

PR strategy

Contact people or companies and ask them to include information about your app. The usual way to do this is to prepare an informative dossier to the editor, mentioning why this information would be valuable for readers.

Create offline campaigns

Thanks to QR codes, it is simple to send a customer from printed stuff to a website or straight to the app store.

You can use several channels to promote your app if they fit your marketing strategy:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Stickers
  • Magazines or printed newspapers.

Before print, think about where you plan to set them, as well as their distribution among your final audience.

For example, if your app is related to fitness and exercising, you may want to become a sponsor of sports competitions and place advertising on the places where those will take place, publish a general description in a magazine like Men’s health.

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Develop an app promotion strategy

To keep users intrigue, you must analyze your target market, develop a promotional campaign and adhere to it. Regardless of the methods you use, take several content tests in small groups of your target audience, calculate your budget and quantify the success of your campaign.

User adoption

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With this, you might have a clearer idea of how to market your app.

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